Bidders need to follow these procedures:

A two step process is required to be eligible to Bid.  Do not wait until your auction is about to close.

1.  Create an account by clicking the LOGIN / NEW BIDDER link above. Press theREGISTER HERE box when done.

This account will allow you permanent access to all of our Auctions.

2.  Like live auctions, you must register prior to each auction you wish to participate in.  If more than one auction is offered, select the event and register at “”.  A “How to Bid” video is available here.

To view the catalog offerings without bidding, click on the AUCTION tab in the upper right corner.  Then click on the introductory image of the event you wish to view.  The Lots will populate below as you scroll down.

Call us at 541-573-7653 (SOLD) between 10am and 2pm (Mon-Fri) if you have further questions.